Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer 2010

So I must say I am terrible at keeping up with this blog.  Someone needs to send me a kick in the pants so I get my butt in gear.  I guess my life just isn't as exciting as others. :P

This summer has been fairly uneventful, we haven't been able to take any big vacations this year.  We did go camping back in May when Mike's brother and sister in-law came to visit.  I've taken the boys to the swimming pool a few times, Noah loves it, he is a little fish, but Ammon is kind of indifferent.  We have just kind of enjoyed a quiet lazy summer.  My garden is growing all over the place, so far we have gotten quite a good crop of peas, we got a few radishes, some zucchini and some tomatoes.  We have some Jalapenos growing, but nothing else is producing yet due to the fact that we didn't get to plant until June.

Noah is getting so big, some days I am amazed at how well he talks and shocked that he is going to be 4 in January.  He is definitely a big boy and no longer my baby.  We did FINALLY get him potty trained several months ago.  His dad left him with us for three straight weeks and it was enough stability to get the job done, although there was much frustration and tears on both our parts.  He is getting excited for preschool that starts back at the end of this month, and I am excited for him.  I think it is going to be great for him to learn how to deal with kids his age better, and learn to follow directions and rules.  We have been taking him to see a play therapist because he is having problems adjusting to going back and forth between mom and dad's house.  He is such a sweet little boy, and I just want him to be happy, successful and well adjusted.

Ammon is growing like a little weed.  He turns 1 in less than 2 weeks, and his learning capacity is just exploding lately.  He is picking up new words all over the place, his latest ones being "no!" and "caca" and is always watching for someone to praise him on his new accomplishments.  He is working on walking, can stand up all by himself with out pulling up on things and can walk unassisted about half way across a room before he falls.   He loves his big brother Noah, and it is the cutest thing in the world to see them laughing and playing together.

Mike got an archery tag for a mule deer this year, and since hunting season has opened up this month he has been out in the hills every weekend.  He keeps telling me to pray for him to find a good buck, and sacrilegious though it may be, I have been.  We plan on eating it, and I miss my husband!!  (That makes it OK, right?1?)  Some days when he is gone I contemplate shipping our boys to the circus!! :P  They go a little bonkers with out him here to burn out some of their extra energy.

I am making a goal to be better with keeping up on my blog, we will see how it goes!! :P