Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Update on Our Family

I am really trying to keep this darn thing updated, but I find it a little hard to find time/effort/energy lately. This may be a little brief but I thought I'd write a little something to share how everyone is doing lately.

This is what we got for the first day of spring:

Ammon is still my little curious busy body.  He gets into everything, and we have to be very careful what we leave with in his climbing capability.  He climbs everything....he climbed up the microwave stand and pulled the blender down off a high shelf a few weeks ago.  He is very smart, is talking a ton now, he is starting to tell me when he goes "pee pee" in his diaper and has even walked into the bathroom taken off his diaper, sat on the little potty for awhile...then peed on the floor, or taken off his pants/diaper in the middle of his bedroom and peed right on the carpet.  Not exactly where he is supposed to potty, but he is slowly getting it. :)  He also pulled my coat off the chair as we were getting ready to take Noah to school this morning, brought it to me and said, "Need coat!!"  He can even get his own coat on by himself, sometimes its upside-down, but most days he gets it right side up.  He is sleeping in his big boy bed, and has been for awhile, and he has been refusing to eat in the highchair, he wants to sit at the table with Noah like a big boy.  He is growing up so fast, I don't know where my little baby went.

Noah is loving school.  Last month they had their "hundredth day of school" and ever since he likes to count everything.  The other morning he took my fingers and kept counting them one by one until he got to 110, all by himself.  I didn't know 4 year olds could count that high, but he got every number right.  He LOVES being in Primary at church and is learning all the songs.  Its not uncommon to hear him randomly start singing "Follow the Prophet."  He knows the first and second articles of faith by heart, and you will here him randomly singing them in public places, rather loudly.  I got some strange looks the other day at the grocery store after he loudly sang the last line of the second article of faith "AND NOT FOR ADAM'S TRANSGRESSIONS!!" while we were in the check out lane.  He is such a great big brother, he loves Ammon, and is always looking out for him.  Lately his "looking out for Ammon" has turned a little bit into "tattle-telling" but sometimes it is better we know what Ammon is getting into.

Mike did really well with his fur sale in February.  He had 5 cats and 2 coyotes and made over $3,300.  His "worst" cat sold for just a few dollars under the average sale price for cats this year.  He is starting to enjoy his new job a little more.  He has been having a lot of overtime lately, which is good, but hard at the same time.  They are doing more work now, and people are starting to notice what a hard worker he is, and people have been coming to him saying they heard "so and so" talking about how good of a worker he is.  Now that trapping season has ended basketball season has starting.  We have gone to a couple of his games, and the boys think its fun watching him play.
I have been plugging along.  For anyone who hasn't heard yet, we are expecting baby #3 in October.  We had our first Dr. appointment on February 28th, where we got to see the tiny little bean and the heartbeat.  We found out our dates were off and I wasn't near as far along as I thought. Today I am 9 weeks and 4 days, and right in the middle of the icky morning sickness period.  Some days are better than others, and I am trying to make the best of it.  Mike is hoping for another boy this time around....but I am really hoping we get a girl.  I need a little break from the craziness of little boys!! :)

Here is a picture from our first ultrasound, not much to look at yet, but we sure think our little "blob" is cute!! :D