Saturday, March 28, 2009


Its starting to get slightly warmer here in Reno, and in between the days it still snows, I've been able to take Noah outside to the park, and he discovered he is no longer afraid of the slide. He loves climbing up the stairs and yelling "weeee!!" all the way down. He also learned he like to feed the ducks and the seagulls, but he hasn't mastered throwing very far, and the seagulls are about the only ones brave enough to get close enough to eat what he throws. Sometimes it makes me a little nervous b/c those seagulls can be nasty, but we haven't had any trouble yet.

Mike got laid off from his job here in Reno, but was lucky to get hired to work for the state back in his home town of Tonopah. Its only 3 1/2 hours away and he only works Monday through Thursday, so he gets to come up here most weekends. Noah misses him though and asks for him a lot, he likes to talk to him on the phone, and probably would talk for hours if mommy didn't make him let her have a turn. :)

Work has been busy busy for me, I am counting down the days until April 15th, maybe then I will actually be able to have a good nights sleep with out dreaming about entering w2s, etc. Other than that I haven't been up to much, just slowly getting ready for the move next week, and spending time with Noah.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Little Stud

In the last several weeks Noah's language has just exploded! He is very good at communicating what he wants and is very polite and likes to tell me "thank you mommy" about 50 times a day. :) His new favorite thing to say is "achoo!" when someone sneezes...but really what he means is "bless you." He still likes to get into anything and everything he is not supposed to, but we are slowly working on that. This week he made the transition into a toddler bed, and while the first night was a total disaster, he has been doing really well ever since, and even did amazing today in his first time taking a nap in it. He has Diego sheets and likes to point out "d-go" and "disour" (dinosaurs) to mommy when he goes to bed. I have been working with him on leaning his body parts over the last couple of months and he can show you practically anything, including his "belly butt". He likes talking on the phone (mainly only to Mike...I'm not exactly sure why) but he asks me to say "Wewoo" every time I am on the phone with him. I got him some color wonder water paint brushes for his birthday this year and it has been his favorite thing to do for the last little while. (that and "coloring" with his magnadoodle) Guess he is going to end up an artist like his momma. :)

As for me, I'm just trying to survive tax season at work. We have been really busy lately, and I never seem to get ahead of the massive to-do-list I am aquiring. However, I did manage to do my own, and Mike's taxes this year, so that was a big plus.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Noah is growing bigger by the minute. He turns 2 exactly 2 weeks from today and I cannot believe how grown up he is getting. He came up to me the other day and said, "Iwangopoddy" out of the I went and pulled out his potty, sat him down on it, he sat for a minute, got up sat down on the floor and went potty on the floor. Not exactly going potty like he is supposed he is getting there. He is starting to talk a ton more, he learns knew words almost everyday and his favorite words this week are computer and guitar. He can also now show you where his eyes, hair, ears, mouth, teeth, nose, belly, and toes are. And when prompted he will show you his elbow. He is still very cuddly and loves to spend time sitting with grandma and his blanket and his cup every night. He loves reading books and coloring, running, jumping, and climbing...basically just being a boy and getting into everything.

Trip to Utah

After Christmas we all drove up to Utah to see Kari, Mike, Bailey, and Avery, and to go to my Dad's wedding. It was the first time we got to meet Avery, and she is so stinkin' cute!! She has adorable chubby cheeks and loves to coo and giggle. Bailey is getting bigger everyday, she is so grown up and blows you away by how well she speaks. She and Noah had fun playing together...and got along most of the time. :) We got to go see the lights in temple square which were beautiful, and spend time with family that we haven't gotten to see in a while. It was a lot of fun, but we are glad to be home, and back into the regular routine.


Christmas this year was a blast. Santa brought Noah lots of presents including a Spiderman 4-wheeler and a Hot Wheels Trike. Guess he must have been a really good boy this year! :) He got to spend Christmas Eve and early Christmas morning with his dad, then he got to have Christmas at Grandpa's house, then more Christmas back home with Grandma. Needless to say he got too many toys, and mom had to go out and buy him a new shelf to put the toys that were overflowing out of his toybox. His favorite new toys are his computer, his gun from Mike, his 4-Wheeler (that drives everyone crazy with the noise) and the trike...the last two are going to have to be outdoor toys once it gets a little warmer out.