Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

  Fourth of July weekend we got to spend some time with Noah bean (who is visiting his dad for most of the summer) and we had a blast.  We took the boys to the swimming pool, and Noah LOVED swimming (by himself) in the big pool with his life vest on, and even went down the big slide all by himself.  Ammon enjoyed the baby pool and playing on the stairs in the big pool. (pretty much what he does every time we go to the pool)  The morning of the fourth the boys got dressed up in their patriotic outfits and got to walk in the town parade, they had a blast, and got a silver dollar a piece for being in the parade.  That night we watched the fireworks from the house and the boys thought they were neat, made their own sound effects for them, and Ammon kept calling them "pretty pretty flowers!"