Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Fun

Its been really hard to find the time to get on here and write, but here are some pictures from our adventures so far this summer. :)


Jim Butler Days:

Wild Island:

Fun at the Park:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baby Girl!

June 3rd we went in for our 20 week ultrasound to find out the gender.  With both of the boys it was about 30 seconds into the ultrasound that we knew with out a doubt they were boys, but this time the doctor spent quite a lot of time looking down between the legs.  I was sitting, watching intently expecting little boy parts to pop out on the screen, but instead we got a very clear "three line" shot of a baby GIRL!!!  Mike kept asking the doctor if he was sure, to which he replied, "about as sure as I can be, 99.9999% sure." 

Noah was at his dad's for his summer visit, and when I called to tell him he was very shocked, his first response was to say, "I thought it was a BOY!!"  He had been telling me for weeks that he "knew" the baby was a boy, and would argue when I told him we didn't know yet.  After I explained to him that we were pretty sure she was a girl and he was going to have a baby sister he said, "OK, there is me, Ammon, the baby sister, and THEN we will have a boy!"  Made me laugh! I told him we would have to see about that!

Ammon has been obsessed with watching this Blue's Clues episode called "Blue's Baby Brother", I had bought it for Noah when I was pregnant with Ammon.  Ammon calls it "baby brother" and wants to watch it all the time.  I have been trying very unsuccessfully to teach him to say "baby sister" but "baby brother" is all he will say.

We are very excited to have a baby girl, and she will be lucky to have two big brother and an awesome dad to look out for her and protect her!!

Here are some pictures from out ultrasound: