Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Oh My

Its been awhile since I have been on to blog, with 2 crazy little boys to keep me busy, and having computer problems lately, that is my excuse. :P

Ammon is growing like a maniac...he is crawling everywhere and getting into everything.  I am constantly pulling woodchips and other "no no" things from his hands and mouth.  He wants to eat or drink everything that anyone else is eating or drinking, and will crawl across the room and come sit in front of you with his mouth open as soon as he sees a plate.  He is getting more proficient with his babbling and has added "blah blah blah" and "bababababa" to his vocabulary of "mamamama" "dadadadada" and "nanananana".  We recently found out the poor guy has an ear infection and is not taking to kindly to his antibiotics.  Its been a struggle for mommy and daddy not getting any sleep to speak of.

Noah is 3 going on 17.  He is very opinionated, and some of the phrases he says lately leave me scratching my head.  How did he get so smart?? :)  The other day I put Ammon in the highchair and went to go get his food ready, Noah dragged a stool over to the high chair, climbed up and sat down and held his hands out for the jar and spoon declaring he was going to feed Ammon, and he did...with a little help from Mommy! :)  We got him evaluated for a preschool to help with his..uh..."spiritied" behavior :) and I am reading a book on how to better deal with all the extra energy and intensity he has running through his veins! :P  Hopefully we will be able to find a good routine that will make us all successful and happy.