Saturday, February 28, 2009

Little Stud

In the last several weeks Noah's language has just exploded! He is very good at communicating what he wants and is very polite and likes to tell me "thank you mommy" about 50 times a day. :) His new favorite thing to say is "achoo!" when someone sneezes...but really what he means is "bless you." He still likes to get into anything and everything he is not supposed to, but we are slowly working on that. This week he made the transition into a toddler bed, and while the first night was a total disaster, he has been doing really well ever since, and even did amazing today in his first time taking a nap in it. He has Diego sheets and likes to point out "d-go" and "disour" (dinosaurs) to mommy when he goes to bed. I have been working with him on leaning his body parts over the last couple of months and he can show you practically anything, including his "belly butt". He likes talking on the phone (mainly only to Mike...I'm not exactly sure why) but he asks me to say "Wewoo" every time I am on the phone with him. I got him some color wonder water paint brushes for his birthday this year and it has been his favorite thing to do for the last little while. (that and "coloring" with his magnadoodle) Guess he is going to end up an artist like his momma. :)

As for me, I'm just trying to survive tax season at work. We have been really busy lately, and I never seem to get ahead of the massive to-do-list I am aquiring. However, I did manage to do my own, and Mike's taxes this year, so that was a big plus.