Monday, April 30, 2012

The Boys New Obsession

This is the boys doing their new favorite thing...working out to my Jillian Michael's DVD...well, Noah is doing the exercises at any rate...Ammon is throwing a fit b/c I wanted a picture, that and he is tired.  I had left my DVD in the player the other day after my work out, and Ammon came a long and turned it on, pretty soon he and Noah both were "working out" and it was pretty funny.  Now Noah brings me the DVD every day and asks if he can exercise...he is going to have ripped abs way before I ever do! :)

McKenna has teeth!

Baby girl now has two tiny teeth poking out on the bottom, its ironic because Noah has lost one of his bottom front teeth (and the other one is loose currently) at the same time McKenna is getting hers in.  It makes me a little nervous as far as nursing goes...she is a biter already and it hurts enough with no teeth... 0-o Hopefully she will be kind and spare mommy those sharp little pearly whites.  Pictures will hopefully be forth-coming soon, but they are difficult to see at the moment, and she isn't very keen on opening her mouth to let mommy look either.

Little Bean is also starting to crawl (mostly army crawl, but she does get up on her knees and her elbows and tries to "launch" herself forward with her legs) and its really fun watching her.  Noah was eating some cheese nips in the living room the other day (which he isn't supposed to be doing by the way...) he dropped a tiny piece of one into our lovely yellow-gold shag carpet...well McKenna was off like a shot and army crawled all the way over to find it and eat it, and find it and eat it she did.  Then she crawled over to Ammon to grab his hand, which scared him, and he yelled.  After that we got her little Gerber Puff snacks and made a game of it, putting one just out of her reach and cheering her on as she worked to get it.  She is growing so fast before our eyes I am almost afraid to blink because I might miss something!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Noah Looses His First Tooth!

A couple weeks ago, Noah got up on Monday morning to get ready for school and showed me one of his bottom teeth was loose:

We had a talk about how our baby teeth have to fall out so our adult teeth can grow in, and its part of growing up and getting bigger.  Noah seemed a little scared and apprehensive, until I explained that after it fell out, he could put it under his pillow and the Tooth Fairy would take it and leave him money, then he was excited.

Nana (who is also known as the "Tooth Flicker" at school) tried to convince him to let her "help" get it out, but Noah didn't want any one's help.  He kept insisting that it would "fall out by itself."

Last night before we went to bed, I checked on Noah's tooth because he had knocked it a little more loose earlier in the day, and we had eaten corn on the cob for was hanging by a thread.  I was a little worried it would fall out in his sleep and he would swallow it.  So with a lot of wiggling from me, and Mike, and a lot of coaching and cheering, Noah pulled his own tooth out!

This morning Noah got up at 6:15 (and mind you, he gets up at 7am for school and I usually have to DRAG him out of bed) to show me the dollar that the Tooth Fairy left under his pillow last night. :)  Guess he was a little excited...he has been carrying that dollar around all day.


Here are some pictures from our Easter activities this year, we dyed Easter eggs on Friday, and the Easter Bunny visited our house Saturday morning, since Sunday mornings are typically crazy at our house:

What the Easter Bunny left for the kiddos:

Ammon is OBSESSED with the Muppets lately....somehow the Eater Bunny knew :)

 The boys got to do an Easter Egg hunt in the house (it was windy and cold outside)

The kids and their package from Grandma (Ammon was upset because we told him he needed to wait until after breakfast to eat more candy, he had already eaten quite a bit...)

Breakfast idea from Pinterest....didn't turn out as cute as I had

Eater Sunday:

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mike turns the big 3-0!

Yesterday was Mike's 30th birthday!  We celebrated with a quiet family party at home.  Mike's sister Emily and her two girls came over and had dinner and cake with us, it was laid back, but fun to spend this special time with family.

While Mike was at work yesterday I made this cake for him...he had no idea what my plan was, and was surprised, but this cake was a major pain in the rear (I really need to learn how to "crumb coat" better, or maybe I need to make cake that isn't so moist and holds up better...even frozen this cake was falling apart while I attempted to frost it):

For his presents this year he got a new tie (that the boys picked out), the fourth Harry Potter book on audio CD (we have been slowly building up his Harry Potter Audio CD collection since Christmas), a new movie, an audio book and an oil vial key chain from my mom, and a giant rapid-fire Nerf gun (he may be 30 but he is still a kid at heart!).

McKenna is 6 months old!

Little Miss McKenna turned 6 months old on April 5, 2012. She is growing like a weed!  I will have her height and weight statistics as soon as we take her for her six month appointment, but she is already wearing 12 month sized clothing!  She loves to eat, loves laughing at her big brothers, loves rolling and scooting where ever she wants to go, she loves her jumperoo and any toy that has lights and sounds.  She sleeps in her own crib in her own room, and loves her Little Einstein Aquarium toy and her Sleep Sheep.  She is starting to get up on her hands and knees, so I think crawling isn't too far in the future.  She loves to coo and squeal, and when she is really happy she likes to shriek rather loudly for no reason whatsoever.  She really is a sweet little baby, she loves  cuddles and hugs.  She is growing up way too fast!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's Day

This April Fool's day I got Mike and the boys pretty good.  My pranks were fairly harmless, but funny just the same. :)

For the boys I made these:

They look like eggs, don't they? They are not eggs, they are actually cupcakes disguised as eggs. I made mini white cupcakes, frosted them with white frosting then placed them in an egg carton, then I piped on some lemon curd mixed with a tiny bit of red food coloring for a more yoke like color.  The "shells" I made by painting white chocolate into a greased plastic Easter egg half, then placed in the freezer on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet to set.  I was a little difficult getting the white chocolate out of the shells, but my wonderful husband suggested to stick the plastic part of the egg in hot water for a few seconds, and it helped, a lot.

I called the boys into the kitchen, showed them the egg carton, and asked them who had gotten into my eggs and smashed them.  Noah adamantly denied he had anything to do with it, but when I questioned Ammon he said "yeah" he did it.  So I told them they had to eat them as punishment for smashing them.  They were pretty excited when they realized they were cupcakes and not actual eggs.

This is how I pranked Mike...the night before I went into his drawer, took a needle and thread and made one big long string sewing all his undies, a few undershirts and a pair of his socks all together, then I went into the bathroom, took the bar soap from the shower and coated it with clear fingernail polish, and put saran wrap under all the caps of shampoo and conditioner.  When he went to shower this morning, he went to grab a pair of undies out of his drawer and instead pulled out a whole stack, little did he know that wasn't the end of my prank. :)  When Mike got out of the shower I innocently asked him, "So, how was your shower?" to which he replied suspiciously, "What do you mean?"  I asked him, "Did you get all nice and clean?" to which he replied, "what did you do to my soap?"  He explained, while I was laughing my head off, that he had tried and tried to lather with the soap, even sniffed it, thought maybe he had sprayed it with the leave in shower cleaner and made it that way, then crumpled it up into a ball and was finally able to use it. (It was only little more than a sliver mind you...)  He didn't wash his hair this morning, so my other prank didn't really work out...but the soap did get a pretty good laugh out of both of us. :) Guess I better watch my back next year....